Butterfly Feeder

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Butterfly Feeder:

You will need:

Plastic pot saucer  (the part that goes under the pot)


Cow or Horse Manure  (just a small amount to add minerals to the water)

Overripe piece of banana, apple or pear – optional

Put some sand in the saucer along with a small amount of manure and water to moisten.  Butterflies will come to your feeder and drink from the sand.  They will also get nutrients from the fruit.  You will be surprised how many butterflies will come, but please don’t catch or touch them.

If you want to get a closer look at a butterfly don’t make any sudden movements but move low and slow.  Kneel a few feet from the butterfly and slowly inch forward.

When butterflies start to come to your feeder and you don’t know what kind they are, go to the library and get a book on butterflies.  This will help you learn their names and more about them.

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