Pickle In A Bottle

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Amaze your friends with this clever idea.  You will end up with large pickle in a narrow neck bottle and they will be asking, “HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!”

You will need a narrow neck clear bottle.  Locate a cucumber that can easily be inserted into the opening.  The sunshine will “cook” your cucumber unless it is covered well with leaves.  If not covered with cucumber leaves then make a cover over the bottle with fabric, newspaper (weigh it down with dirt around the edges) or something that will shade it.  You could even use a chair or stool over top of the bottle.

Check it every day.  When it almost fills the bottle cut the stem.

Boil 1-cup vinegar, 1-cup water, and 2-tablespoons pickling salt.  (Have an adult help you)

Using a funnel, pour the hot liquid over the cucumber and put the lid on, this will turn it into a pickle.

Now enjoy how smart everyone thinks you are!

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