Sunflower Playhouse

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Sunflower Playhouse:  

You will need:

Tall sunflowers seeds (the taller the better-read the package)

Morning Glory seeds (the taller the better)

Black plastic or mulching fabric (optional)

Mark out an area for your playhouse, square or rectangle

Plant a sunflower and morning glory seed together.  Leave an opening for a door.  Keep well watered.  Weed around your plants being careful to not pull up the new plants.  If you have some seeds that don’t come up put more seeds in that place.

As the plants grow the morning glories will climb up the sunflowers.  When they are reaching near the tops of the sunflowers, run a string back and forth from one side to the other and from corner to corner.  The morning glories will continue to grow along the strings and form a roof.

If you want a grassy floor in your playhouse you can choose an area on the lawn.  You will need to lay down strips of black plastic or fabric mulch around the perimeter of your playhouse so the grass doesn’t over take the baby sunflower and morning glory plants.  Secure the plastic or mulch to the ground.  Plant directly into the plastic or mulch by cutting holes in it and plant your seeds in the dirt.

Although I work around my sunflowers all the time and have never been stung, this is not recommended for those allergic to bee stings.  Most bees that pollinate gardens are very gentle and mind their own business.  See ‘Scary things in the garden that shouldn’t be scary.’

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