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As owners and writers for this Web site we are devoted to sharing with our readers our love of growing plants.  We are particularly interested in vegetables, some fruit and many berries along with an assortment of ornamental plants, shrubs and trees.  We are also advanced Master Gardeners in Michigan.

Our biggest production is Rocky Gardens CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), which we own and operate with a passion.  CSA provides consumers with a direct connection to the farmer, similar to a subscription service for farm products.  For a CSA in your area go to www.localharvest.org.  To read more about Rocky Gardens click on the  "Rocky Gardens" link on the main page.

On our small farm (only 5 acres) we feed many families.  Our harvests exceed 20 thousand pounds from just 2 acres of cultivated gardens.   We achieve this by planting very intensely, have tip top soil and harvesting regularly.   I personally bristle when I hear we need Genetically Modified food to feed all the people on this earth or that organic farming methods can't feed enough people.  One only has to feed the soil and the soil will bring forth abundant nutritious food.  

We follow organic and natural principles and teach these methods on our Web site.

Thank you for checking out our Web site and we hope and pray you will find a passion for growing too, especially some of your own food.

John and Diane

Rocky Gardens CSA

9635 Ryella Lane

Davisburg, Michigan 48350


(248) 634-2291




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