Pronunciation Guide

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Pronunciation Guide

Sometimes trying to pronounce a plant name can be frustrating.  More than once we have learned a plant's name only to find out later that we weren't saying it correctly and then had to learn it correctly.  By using this guide you can go to the nursery and talk to the gardener without feeling sheepish about saying the name.


uh-kuh-LEE-uh or


Actinidia ak-tih-NID-ee-uh Kiwi
Agapanthus ag-uh-PAN-thus Lily of the Nile
Alcea al-SEE-uh Hollyhock
Alchemilla al-keh-MILL-uh Lady's Mantle
Alstroemeria al-stree-MEER-ee-uh Peruvian Lily
Amaranthus am-uh-RAN-thus Amaranth
Amsonia am-SO-nee-uh Blue Star
Anemone uh-NEM-oh-nee Anemone
Angelica an-JEL-ik-uh Angelica
Angelonia an-jel-OH-nee-uh Angelonia
Anisodontea an-iss-oh-DON-tee-uh African Mallow
Antirrhinum an-tihr-RYE-num Snapdragon
Aquilegia ak-wee-LEE-jee-uh Columbine
Arctotis arc-TOH-tiss African Daisy
Argyranthemum ar-jer-AN-theh-mum Marguerite Daisy
Aristolochia uh-riss-toe-LOW-kee-uh Dutchman's Pipe
Artemisia ar-the-MEEZ-ee-uh Artemisia
Aruncus uh-RUN-kus Goatsbeard
Asarum uh-SAH-rum Wild Ginger
Asclepias uh-SKLEE-pee-us Milk Weed
Aster ASS-ter Aster
Astilbe uh-STILL-bee Astilbe
Astilboides ass-till-BOY-dees Astilboides
Astrantia uh-STRAN-tee-uh Masterwort
Baptisia bap-TIZ-ee-uh Baptisia
Begonia beg-OWN-ee-uh Begonia  (surprised aren't you?)
Bergenia ber-GEN-ee-uh Bergenia
Brugmansia brug-MAN-zee-uh Angel's Trumpet
Calamintha kal-uh-MIN-thuh Calamint
Calibrachoa kal-ih-bruh-KO-uh Calibrachoa
Campanula kam-PAN-yew-luh Campanula or Bellflower
Campsis KAMP-sis Trumpet Creeper
Centaurea sen-taw-REE-uh Centaurea
Cephalaria sef-uh-LARE-ee-uh Giant Scabious
Chrysanthemum kris-ANTH-eh-mum Mum or Chrysanthemum
Clematis KLEM-uh-tis or kleh-MAT-tis Clematis
Cleome klee-OH-me Cleome or Spider Flower
Coleus KO-lee-us Coleus
Convallaria kon-vuh-LAIR-ee-uh Lily-of-the-Valley
Coreopsis ko-ree-OP-sis Coreopsis or Tickseed
Corydalis kor-RID-uh-liss Corydalis
Cruciferous crew-siff-furr-is broccoli, cabbage, mustard family
Cypripedium sip-prih-PEE-dee-um Lady's Slipper
Dahlia DAH-lee-uh Dahlia
Darmera dar-MER-uh Umbrella Plant
Delphinium del-FIN-ee-um Delphinium
Dianthus dye-AN-thus Dianthus or Pinks
Diascia dye-ASS-ee-uh Twinspur
Dicentra dye-SEN-truh Bleeding Heart
Dictamnus dik-TAM-nus Gas Plant
Digitalis dih-jih-TAY-liss Foxglove
Doronicum doe-RON-ih-kum Leopardbane
Dracocephalum dray-koh-SEF-uh-lum Dragonhead
Echinacea ek-in-AY-see-uh Coneflower
Echinops EK-in-ops Globe Thistle
Erodium ee-ROW-dee-um Heron's Bill
Erungium er-IN-gee-um Sea Holly
Eupatorium yew-puh-TOR-ee-um Boneset and Joe Pye Weed
Fritillaria frit-i-LAIR-ree-a Crown Imperial
Fuchsia FEW-shuh or FUKE-see-uh Fuchsia
Gaillardia gay-LAR-dee-uh Blanket Flower
Glaucium GLAW-see-um Horned Poppy
Galium GAY-lee-um Sweet Woodruff
Geranium jer-AY-nee-um Geranium
Gomphrena gom-FREE-nuh Globe Amaranth or Gomphrena
Helenium hel-EE-nee-um Helenium
Helianthus hee-lee-AN-thus Sunflower
Helichrysum hel-ih-KRY-sum Helichrysum
Heliopsis hee-lee-OP-sis False Sunflower
Heliotropium hee-lee-oh-TROH-pee-um Heliotrope
Helleborus hel-eh-BOR-us Hellebore
Hemerocallis hem-er-oh-KAL-iss Daylily
Heuchera  hue-ker-ah Coral Bells
Hosta HOS-tah Hosta
Hydrangea hye-DRAN-jee-uh Hydrengea
Ipomoea ip-oh-MEE-uh Sweet Potato
Inula IN-yew-luh Inula
Iris EYE-ris Iris
Kirengeshoma jir-en-geh-SHOW-muh Waxbells
Lantana lan-TAY-nuh Lantana
Lamium LAY-mee-um Dead Nettle
Lapinus loo-PIE-nus or loo-pines  Lupine
Lavandula lav-AN-dew-lah Lavender
Lavatera lav-uh-TEER-uh Tree Mallow
Liatris lye-AT-riss Gayfeather
Liriope lir-RYE-oh-pee Lilyturf
Lobelia lo-BEE-lee-uh Lobelia
Lilium LIL-ee-um Lily
Lysimachia lye-sim-AK-ee-uh Loosestrife
Malva MAL-vuh Mallow
Mentha MEN-thuh Mint
Mertensia mer-TEN-see-uh Bluebells
Mimulus MIM-yew-luss Monkey Flower
Monarda mo-NAR-duh Monarda or Bee Balm
Nepeta NEP-eh-tuh Catmint
Nicotiana nih-ko-she-AH-nuh Nicotiana or Tobacco Flower
Oenothera ee-no-THEE-ruh Evening Primrose
Osteospermum oss-tee-oh-SPUR-mum Osteospermum
Papaver puh-PAY-ver Poppy
Pennisetum pen-nih-SEE-tum Fountain Grass
Penstemon PEN-stee-mon Beard Tongue
Pentas PEN-tass Pentas
Perovskia per-OFF-skee-uh Russian Sage
Petunia peh-TOO-nee-uh Petunia
Phlomis FLOW-miss Jerusalem Sage
Phlox floks Phlox
Platycodon plat-ee-KO-don Balloon Flower
Plectranthus plek-TRAN-thus Plectranthus
Polianthes pol-ee-AN-theez tuberose
Polygonatum po-lig-oh-NAY-tum Solomon's Seal
Pontentilla po-ten-TILL-uh Potentilla
Primula PRIM-yew-luh Primrose
Pulmonaria pul-mo-NAIR-ee-uh Lungwort or Pulmonaria
Rosaceae roh-ZAY-see-ee Rose
Rudbeckia rud-BEK-ee-uh Rudbeckia
Salvia SAL-vee-uh Salvia
Saponaria sap-oh-NAIR-ee-uh Soapwort
Scabiosa skab-ee-OH-suh Scabious
Scaevola skee-VO-luh Scaevola or Fan Flower
Sedum SEE-dum Sedum
Sidalcea sih-DAL-see-uh Prairie Mallow
Sisyrinchium sis-er-INK-ee-um Blue-eyed Grass
Solanum so-LAY-num Nightshade
Spiranthes spy-RAN-theez Lady's Tresses
Stachys STAK-iss Betony

STOKE-see-uh or


Stokes Aster
Strobillanthes stroh-bill-AN-theez Persian Shield
Stylophorum sty-LOFF-or-um Celandine Poppy
Thymus TIE-mus Thyme
Tiarella tee-uh-REL-uh Foam Flower
Tradescantia trad-es-KAN-tee-uh Purple Spiderwort
Tricyrits try-SER-tiss Toad Lily
Tunica TOO-nik-uh Tunic Flower
Verbena ver-BEE-nuh Verbena
Veronica veh-RON-ih-kuh Speedwell
Viola vie-OH-luh Violet
Wisteria wis-TEER-ee-uh Wisteria
Zantedeschia zan-the-DESK-ee-uh Calla Lily


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