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A lot of the information from the vegetables will be the same.  Make sure you have good soil for your flowers.

There are two types of flowers you need to know about:  annuals (They grow only for 1 year then die in the fall) and perennials  (They keep on growing for many years) There are others but this is enough for you to get started.

Annuals usually flower all summer long, unless you grow them from seed, which means they probably won’t start to flower until the middle of the summer.  This is why it is nice to buy your plants already started.  But if seeds are all you can buy then grow those because they are going to look pretty too.

Perennials usually flower just for a part of the summer.

Check labels – do they need sun or shade?  Do you have sun or shade for them?

You can mulch your flowerbed with wood chips to keep the soil moist and cool on hot summer days.  There are other kinds of mulch available at the nursery, take a look and see what they have for flowerbeds.

Keep the weeds out of your flowerbed.  It is really easy to pull up weeds right after a rain or when you have watered.  Use a tool for weeding to help get the root out of the ground.  If your bed is dry, it is very hard to pull them out with the root.

Easy to Grow Flowers:

Many flowers from a plant stand or nursery-

Flowers from seeds:

Sunflowers                Marigolds          Zinnias          Four O’ Clocks

Morning Glories          Petunias             Balsam          Nasturtiums

Poppies (seeds must be scattered the fall before or very early spring)

Easy to grow bulbs: (These must be put into the ground in the fall for them to flower in the spring.)

Tulips                Daffodils            Snowdrops            Crocus

  Check out Watering Tips 

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