Watering Tips

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Watering Tips: 

When you have seeds in the ground it is O.K. to water the ground by hand with a hose and nozzle.  Make sure you don’t spray too hard.  You could unbury your seeds with a jet stream of water.  Water enough to wet the ground a couple of inches down.

A better method of watering is with a hose and sprinkler. 

When your seeds are still in the ground or you have new little plants (seedlings) it is important to keep them moist; water seeds every day if you don't get rain and it is dry.

Once your plants are growing good it is better to water less often but deeply than to water a little everyday.

Watch that the water doesn’t run off out of the garden.

Don’t forget what I told you about mulching (in Kids Vegetable Garden).

Newly planted seedlings dry out quickly; keep a watchful eye on them.  They are counting on you to take good care of them so they won’t die.

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