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Thank you for inquiring about Rocky Gardens CSA.  We are located in Davisburg, Michigan.  Our members get actively involved in the farm so we offer more than just produce.  Exercise, education, (in healthy food and gardening knowledge), making new friends, exposing yourself to soil organisms and sunshine (the average person doesn't get enough these days), etc. are all what makes Rocky Gardens CSA different.  Distributions are picked up at the farm.

We grow mostly vegetables and a little fruit, all grown with natural methods, no harmful pesticides or chemicals. We also take great care to replenish the soil with nutrients and organic matter so the produce will have plenty of nutrients to give our members "Healthy Food for Healthy Families."

Each share consists of 20 weeks of fresh produce along with some perennials.  A "share" costs $620.00 for 2012.  Break that down into 20 weeks and your healthy natural produce costs only $31.00 week!  Our members averaged over 400 pounds of produce the past years, not counting the herbs, flowers, perennials, and seeds they were allowed to pick or dig up.  For those families that can't eat this much produce we encourage preserving produce for the winter to extend the harvest and extend your food dollars.  A conservative estimate of the similar veggies alone purchased from Whole Foods would have been a value of over $850.00 which does not include herbs, flowers, perennials and seeds.

Distributions are picked up at the farm on a pre-selected distribution day, either Monday, Wednesday or Friday mornings from 10:30am to Noon or Friday evening from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.

Rocky Gardens CSA is a joint effort with the owners performing a bulk of the organization/work and members providing support with a work commitment.  Not only does member involvement support the farm, but also it affords the members an opportunity to have a connection to their produce and enrich the lives of the families involved.

Without member involvement we could not get all the work done to grow produce for a small community.  Minimum member work requirement is as follows:

April                     2 hours
May                     10 hours
June                    10 hours
July                       4 hours
August                   3 hours
September             2 hours
October                 3 hours

We encourage involvement of shareholders with the farm.  Our goal is to grow a family of committed shareholders/friends who care about the quality of produce they give their families and who also enjoy the "farm" and garden experience.  We seriously look for those desiring to take part in the farm; this is not just a place to purchase produce.  If that is the only need, then a Farmer's Market or another CSA might fit better.  It is important to us that members want to be part of the work on the farm.  It is as painful for us as it is for the member who grudgingly fulfills their work commitment.

We also teach how to "Buy Local" so our farm members can become conscientious about the food they serve their families while supporting Michigan farmers who raise their food products responsibly and naturally.  

If you are interested in joining Rocky Gardens CSA and would like to be contacted in February when we open up to new members please write back with the email address to send an invitation to join to, your name, phone number and home address at this email diane@rockygardens.com

Thank you,

Diane Franklin



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