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Links below for additional pictures of Rocky Gardens CSA and Members

Bright colors, good food!

Glorious Workday/Potluck, lovely day!

A well tended Vegetable Garden looks every bit as lovely as a flowerbed.

Click on the links below to see more pictures of Rocky Gardens CSA and Farm. 

Summer 2007 See a little of what goes on during the growing season.

Summer 2006 A few pictures of the 2006 season.

Children's Garden September 1, 2003 - A lot of things in a small garden.

Hoop House, December 7, 2002 - Low temperatures and wind but with the help of several friends we got the cover on.

Summer 2002 - These pictures show our summer gardens, our fall harvest party and a lot of our members having fun.

Workday, May 11,2002 - So many busy CSA members make the gardens grow.

Early workers -Every where you turn there is another job to do.

Barn pictures - Construction pictures of our new barn.

Early farm pictures - A few pictures of what the gardens looked like before the work day.


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