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Rocky Gardens CSA*

(*Community Supported Agriculture)


If you are interested in joining Rocky Gardens CSA and would like to be contacted when we open up to new members please write back with your name, the email address to send an invitation to join to, phone number and address at this email  We will send out applications for new members in February of the new year.


'Specialty Produce' Naturally Grown

Healthy Produce for Healthy Families

Please read this page and the following page and if you are still interested, contact us at the email address listed.

Rocky Gardens CSA is a joint effort with the growers performing the bulk of the work and members providing support with a work commitment.  Not only does member involvement support the farm, but also it affords the members an opportunity to have a connection to their produce and enrich the lives of the families involved.

     v    Weekly Fresh Produce

v   Fresh Vegetables grown using natural, earth friendly methods.  Many are Heirloom cultivars and selected for superior taste, many people have claimed our veggies to be the "Best I have ever tasted!"

v    Herbs

v    Fresh Flower Bouquets

v    Perennials

 Join a growing movement- CSA! 

At  Rocky Gardens we practice environmental friendly methods that protect the soil, water and nature.  No harmful synthetic chemicals are used in the gardens or on the plants; we care about the microscopic organisms in our soil and the beneficial characteristics a healthy eco-system provides.  Our produce brings forth life giving nutrition.

What is Community Supported Agriculture? (CSA)

CSA is a consumer-based movement, which allows families to directly access farm fresh naturally grown produce while also supporting local farmers who practice sound environmental principles.  Further information - Detroit Free Press article dated May 28, 2002

Why would you want to join a CSA?

End of year evaluations from CSA member surveys have three overwhelming themes:

·        Quality of food is superior to store bought.

·        Joining with the farmer in the growing process improved their lives.

·        Families (even children) ate more vegetables when they became involved with the farm experience.


Rocky Gardens CSA

9635 Ryella Lane

Davisburg, Michigan 48350



June Vegetables

 More information about

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

As more and more farmers and farmland fall by the wayside there is a growing movement in the U.S. to help support and sustain them, it is called Community Supported Agriculture, (CSA).

CSA is a consumer-based movement, which allows families to directly access farm fresh healthy produce while also supporting local farmers who practice sound environmental principles.

The CSA model was brought to the U.S. in 1985 and has existed in Europe and Japan for much longer.  CSA started on a few farms in the Northeast and has exploded to countless farms across the United States.

CSA works to build the relationship between the farmer and consumer by providing the opportunity to work together in growing produce that is healthy and the freshest possible.  The produce doesn't need to be shipped hundreds or thousand of miles but is picked up at the farm, sometimes even picked by the shareholders themselves for freshness that just isn't possible any other way.

CSA members frequently say that the 'farm' experience brought a new dimension to their lives; the feeling of being "connected" to the earth, soil, nature and also the farmer.  They learned skills while working on the farm that they never knew before.  Members also felt their bodies improving physically due to the increase vegetable consumption, fresh air and physical activity.  They also saw their children enjoying the veggies they had a part in, eating things they wouldn't touch before.

Organic growing principles are of utmost concern to most CSAs.  Reports of many health problems being aided with the consumption of organic produce abound.  At the least it is very comforting to know that your produce hasn't been sprayed with chemicals or the soil it was grown in hasn't been damaged with careless environmental practices.

 Produce & Products for Rocky Gardens CSA

CucumbersSnow Peas
PeppersSnap Peas
Green BeansGarlic
Winter SquashSpinach
Summer SquashBroccoli
Garlic ScapesParsley
Swiss ChardRadishes
Italian ChardSorrel

For only $31.00 a week (20 weeks = $620.00) a "share" will provide the average family with fresh produce and enough to "put away" some produce for the winter.  This is a great value!  Rocky Gardens CSA has averaged over 400 pounds of produce for each "share"; providing over 34 different vegetables and some fruit.  Full share price of $620.00 is due before distributions start.

Learn how and where to "Buy Local" at Rocky Gardens.  We spend considerable time educating and connecting our members with other farmers who farm using natural and organic methods.  Learn where and how to connect with other Michigan farms too; all foods are raised properly and responsibly.  "Buy Local" and "Buy Natural" are important to us; we care about other farmers and their lives and will put you in contact with their products.

Rocky Gardens Veggies


9635 Ryella Lane

Davisburg, Michigan 48350

(248) 634-2291


A mid September distribution

Rocky Gardens Veggies are grown naturally and selected for the tastiness of the variety.  Even our summer squash and green beans are specially grown for flavor.  We want all our produce to taste better than anything you could buy in the store.

Tomatoes are our specialty; along with growing special heirloom tomatoes we push the growing season and offer tomatoes by early June.

All our vegetables are started as seedlings here at Rocky Gardens.

For more in depth details how Rocky Gardens CSA functions or to contact us for an opportunity to join us please Click Here.

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